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Waiting To Start Karate...

I am so excited to start the Nackord Karate System. I only have two more years to wait because they said I must be 4 years old to start. I really hate these silly rules. Anyway, I am already  practicing some of my moves on our cat which is getting me in all sorts of trouble. I think it will be worth it though since my kicks and blocks are improving. The cat just doesn't seem too happy. I decided to start at the Nackord school after speaking with my cousins who have been going there for awhile. They all say they have improved their concentration, which has helped them in school. They also said their athletic performance and coordination has improved a lot but I am not sure what those things are. I do like the idea of  blocking things. There is this little girl in my day care that keeps hitting me with a pillow. She will be in for a big surprise one of these days. You should check out the Nackord Karate System. I hear they have an amazing staff of professional adult instructors. Click through to their site, fill out their information form and I bet they will get right back to you. Well, it's time to go find the cat.

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