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Offense vs. Defense

Lead Fighters vs. Counter Fighters


Is it better to be a lead fighter or a counter fighter? Some say that the best defense is a good offense. Do I agree? Keep reading and make a decision for yourself. I will give my opinion at the end of this article.


A person can be either a lead fighter or a counter fighter in combat.  Of course, these roles can change instantaneously and sometimes are simultaneous. We will discuss them individually for this brief writing and because it is brief we can only scratch the surface of the vast amount of information available.


The Lead Fighter


When you are a lead fighter, you do not want to attack a strong position. Therefore, you must first weaken your opponent's position with a fake or deceptive action to make him pause. An opening will be created with the pause, allowing you to score. Remember, when you attack you must make your opponent hesitate.


There are many examples of this is sports. The running back in football fakes one direction and then takes off in another. The basketball pro fakes a jump shot which makes his opponent go up and as the opponent is coming down, the pro actually does the jump shot.


The Counter Fighter


When you are a counter fighter, you want your opponent to attack you. By seeming vulnerable in a certain target area, you can cause your opponent to attack that area. This weakens his position since you know where he is going to strike. A skilled counter fighter has the ability to cause an opponent to use a specific weapon, at a specific time, against a specific target. Remember, when you are attacked, you must make your opponent miss.


A good example of a counter fighter is the quarterback who invites the blitz, fades back drawing in the attackers and then throws a screen pass. Can you think of any other examples of a counter fighter?


Summing It Up


In my mind, the statement that the best defense is a good offense really misses the point and is usually made by inexperienced people. The best defense is a good defense and the best offense is a good offense.


Most of the best fighters I have observed or known were great counter fighters because they had great defenses. Miyamoto Musashi was the greatest sword fighter of all time. He would patiently wait for his opponent to attack and then kill the opponent with a counter strike. He did this about sixty times. He was able to do this because he had a great defense and an attacker is inherently vulnerable because he is always open somewhere when he attacks.


So, I think the defensive or counter fighter has a slight advantage in combat. I am sure this will be debated by some, which is what it should be to stimulate our thinking and increase our understanding of combat.

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