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Alexander the Great QUIZ ANSWERS

There are a number of reasons Alexander the Great was so successful and they largely have to do with logistics. He built roads and about every ten miles along those roads he had supply stations.  This allowed his army to regularly refresh itself with food, water and other necessary supplies. Alexander also set up a communication system between stations.

He designed a short sword called a Kopis that would fit inside the soldiers shield. The soldier would then strap the shield to his back, leaving his hands free and he could march many miles at a time expending minimal energy. Upon reaching a battle site, the short weapon could be wielded successfully in tight quarters giving it an advantage in hand to hand combat. This short sword provided the design for the more modern Kukri used by the Burmese Gurkhas in WWII.

Alexander the Greats tactics apply to our martial arts training even today. We need to keep our bodies fed, hydrated and healthy for battling in our day to day lives. In combat we need to understand the advantage of weapons (i.e. Knees and elbows, hands and legs) to suit the environment we are in.

So it seems underlying principals are true no matter the time or place. Alexander the Great was a great general and by studying him further you might learn more about your martial arts.

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