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How To Face Off Against An Opponent

Setup--Distance and Angle Control 


(This blog is from "Motion Science" by Dennis Nackord)      

When facing an opponent, distance and angle should be immediately controlled. This is referred to as the "Setup". The control of distance is the most important action you can take. This is done by staying at or beyond the range of the opponent's weapons and is called "controlling the critical distance". If you enter the critical distance, by either your own or your opponent's initiative, you should do so with either a strike or a fake. This weakens his position. You should never stay within the critical distance and be inactive.

Controlling angle includes controlling your angle in relation to the opponent, and controlling the angle of your own body in relation to your center line. Once you are inside the critical distance of the opponent, angle control becomes the primary factor. Angle control uses the dimensions of width, depth, and height to control the opponent.

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