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The Nackord Karate Counter Fighter

Counter fighting is one of the Level III advanced concepts of Motion Science™. When sparring you can be either a lead fighter or a counter fighter. Of course, these roles can change instantaneously or even merge. This section reviews counter fighting.

When you are a counter fighter, you want your opponent to attack you. By seeming vulnerable in a certain target area, you can cause your opponent to attack that area. This weakens his position since you know where he is going to strike. A skilled counter fighter has the ability to cause an opponent to use a specific weapon, at a specific time, against a specific target. Remember, when you are attacked, you must make your opponent miss. The components of counter fighting studied in Motion Science™ are as follows.

Redirect Attack--Slip or Parry

Redirecting an attacker's energy is one tactic to use as a counter fighter. We can either redirect his energy off the line of attack with a parry, or we can move ourselves off the line with a slip. Most of the time a combination of these two is used when counter fighting. Example of a Redirect Attack: we lure the opponent to strike at our head with a forehand strike, then slip the strike and counter to the body. The Redirect Attack strategy moves off the line of an attack.

Interrupt Attack--Stop Hit

Interrupting an attacker's energy is another tactic to use as a counter fighter. Interrupting the attack puts a greater amount of energy in direct opposition to the attack using a stop hit. Example of Interrupt Attack: the attacker uses a lunging punch from his rear hand. As he crosses sides and enters our distance, we execute a defensive back kick, stopping his forward movement. The Interrupt Attack strategy moves into the line of an attack.

Absorb Attack--Target Fade

Absorbing an attacker's energy is the third tactic to use as a counter fighter. The energy of an opponent's attack can be absorbed with a target fade using a non-lethal part of the body as a shield. Example of Absorb Attack: an attacker kicks to the body. Fade away for the attack just far enough so the kick touches your shielding arm; then counter with a spinning back hand strike. The Absorb Attack strategy moves away along the line of an attack.

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