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How to Calm Your Mind
The last thing your ego and emotions want is to be harnessed: they revel in the day-to-day circus of sensory entertainment and emotional turmoil, even though this game depletes your energy, degenerates your body, and exhausts your spirit. Meditation can free you from this turmoil.
The following is part of my system called "The Way of Three". This section is one of three types of meditation that can be helpful when things seem crazy and you need to calm your mind. This is especially useful now with the Covid 19 situation. 
Mantra Meditation - Sometimes the resources of our conscious mind are unable to help us find solutions to questions or problems that we may have. The resources of the conscious mind may have reached their limit. It is the subconscious mind that can supply the necessary resources.
But, although being in touch with our subconscious mind gives us access to its vast resources, we usually do not pay much attention to it. Most of our learning and problem solving has come from conscious thinking. 
Mantra (repeated sound) Meditation, using internal or external auditory cues, leads us to use our subconscious mind and allows us to contemplate, daydream, find answers, address problems, discover self-knowledge, and more. This trance like state helps to center the mind and stimulate circulatory systems of the body.
Mantra Meditation is the easiest and perhaps most effective meditation. Here's how to do it.
Find a quiet spot and sit in a comfortable position. Sitting in a chair is fine.  No need to assume the Lotus Position.
Choose a word or phrase which you will use for your mantra. It could be a single word like "Ocean" or a phrase like "Life is Good". This is an important step since once you use this word or phase, some people find it difficult to change.
Close or relax your eyes and begin to slowly say your mantra in your head. Do nothing else. Do not focus on your breathing or anything else. Just say your word or phrase. It is that easy.
Say your mantra between 10 and 15 minutes. You will have a physiological change to your body. You may open your eyes to look at a clock. No problem.
The only 'rule' is that if you discover you have stopped saying your mantra, start saying it again. This realization means your mantra is working. As with any skill the more often you do your mantra, the more positive effects it will yield.
Take care,
Dennis Nackord, Grandmaster
10th Degree Black Belt

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