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May  2020

RE: Reopening The Nackord Karate System

TO: Students and Parents

FROM: Dennis Nackord, Head Instructor and Staff



Hello All,


Bob Dylan wrote "The times they are a changin'" and isn't that especially true now. I  have worked out a reopening plan which I believe will meet our needs well. It includes a protocol for classes, a protocol for instructors and a protocol for sanitizing the school. Safety is our number one objective. We will ask all students to sign a Covid-19 disclaimer.

I will highlight the details below with the idea that the times are a changing so the plan will probably need to evolve. We will use this reopening plan until the Fall and reevaluate our needs then.



We are fortunate our school is large which makes it easy for us to social distance. Here is how the classes will operate:

·       Children  - Three 40 minute classes per day Monday thru Friday - Two classes on Saturday

·       Parents must register children for one of only 10 places in each class they want to attend

·       We anticipate classes will be smaller that 10 people in the beginning

·       Go to, pick your day and time and register

·       First come first served for time slots which will be permanent until changed

·       Register NOW and secure your spot or spots for when we reopen

·       ADULTS - One class per day Monday thru Saturday - Please register so we can project class size



·       Two Staff Members per class

·       The Instructor teaches class and sanitizes between classes

·       The Administrator checks students in and out and enforces social distancing during class

·       All Instructors will wear masks



·       Children should wear a mask at all time. This policy will be continually evaluated

·       We will use a ThermoBio Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer to take each students temperature

·       Students enter front door of school lining up six feet apart as per ground markings, student comes to front desk, receives temperature check, sanitizes hands

·       Staff enters member number for student who then proceeds to rear of classroom to remove shoes

·       Student proceeds to one of 10 circles spaced six feet apart on training floor.

·       All training is done in the air. There are no partner drills but still plenty of FUN, FUN, FUN

·       Locker rooms are off limits to children



We encourage the following drop off and pick up procedures for parents.


·       Parents of 4, 5 and 6 year old children may accompany the child/children through the check-in process. The parent may then sit in one of the five available seats in the lobby or one of the five available seats on the training floor. All seating is at least 6 feet apart.

·       Parents of 7 year old's and older may drop off student at the downstairs front door and pick up student at the downstairs rear door. This procedure will be reviewed as it evolves with the purpose of not overcrowding the lobby

·       Classes will be live streamed on our Facebook channel. You can watch class from your car

·       Please do not bring children to class prior to 10 minutes before start time

·       Please promptly pick up children no later than 10 minutes after class

·       This will minimize students and parents from interacting with each other

·       Of course, all parents have complete access to their children and the school at any time as long as social distancing is considered. Masks must be worn in school at all times.



We encourage all adults to follow the procedures listed below

·       Please follow social distancing at all times while in the school

·       Wear a mask at all times

·       Wear dedicated work out shoes at all time

·       Maintain a clean and sanitized uniform



·       Training floor and equipment in use are sanitized between each class

·       High traffic areas are wiped down two times daily

·       School is sanitized daily

·       In addition to maintaining clean HVAC filters, we are developing a system which will create continual air flow through the school with additional air exhaust location


We are monitoring government input to determine our start date although we expect it will be sometime in June. Again, you may still register now to secure your class and time while booking one or two classes per week."The times they are a changin'" and we must adapt and confidently move forward. Please drop me an email at or John at  if you have any questions.

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