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  • The Stop Hit Counter Fighter

    The Stop Hit Counter Fighter

    Interrupt Attack--Stop Hit Counter Fighter
    Interrupting an attacker's energy is another tactic to use as a counter fighter. Interrupting the attack puts a greater amount of energy in direct opposition to the attack using a stop hit . Example of Interrupt Attack: the attacker uses a lunging punch from hisfront hand. As he closes the distance,execute a slip with a defensive counter punch, or fade the attack and counterwith a spinning rear kick. Both counters stop the opponentsforward movement. The Interrupt Attack strategy moves into the line of an attack
    . All good Defensive Fighters have the ability to make the opponents miss (manydifferent ways to do this) and hit that opponent ....

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  • What is Speed?

    What is Speed?

    Nackord and Lewis in the old days when initial speed was the name of the game.

    There are three types of speed which relate to athletic performance. Initial speed.
    Miles-Per-Hour Speed
    Miles-per-hour speed is simply the time it take to travel a certain distance. Most people have similar miles-per-hour speed in individual movements. Speed in multiple movements, like hand combinations or running, can vary greatly from person to person, since factors such as coordination and strength are involved. As an example, most people can do an individual movement like swatting a fly or stepping on a brake at about the same rate of ....

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  • Waiting To Start Karate...

    Waiting To Start Karate...

    I am so excited to start the Nackord Karate System
    . I only have two more years to wait because they said I must be 4 years old to start. I really hate these silly rules. Anyway, I am already practicing some of my moves on our cat which isgetting me in all sorts of trouble.Ithink it will be worth itthough since my kicks and blocks are improving. The cat just doesn't seem too happy. I decided to start at the Nackord
    school after speaking with my cousins who have been going there for awhile. They all say they have improved their concentration, which has helped them in school. They also said their athletic performance and coordination has improved a lot but I am not sure what those things ....

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  • Offense vs. Defense

    Offense vs. Defense

    Lead Fighters vs. Counter Fighters
    Is it better to be a lead fighter or a counter fighter? Some say that the best defense is a good offense. Do I agree? Keep reading and make a decision for yourself. I will give my opinion at the end of this article. A person can be either a lead fighter or a counter fighter in combat. Of course, these roles can change instantaneously and sometimes are simultaneous. We will discuss them individually for this brief writing and because it is brief we can only scratch the surface of the vast amount of information available. The Lead Fighter
    When you are a lead fighter, you do not want to ....

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  • Alexander the Great QUIZ ANSWERS

    Alexander the Great QUIZ ANSWERS

    There are a number of reasons Alexander the Great was so successful and they largely have to do with logistics. He built roads and about every ten miles along those roads he had supply stations. This allowed his army to regularly refresh itself with food, water and other necessary supplies. Alexander also set up a communication system between stations. He designed a short sword called a Kopis that would fit inside the soldiers shield. The soldier would then strap the shield to his back, leaving his hands free and he could march many miles at a time expending minimal energy. Upon reaching a battle site, the short weapon could be wielded successfully in tight quarters giving it an ....

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  • 1) NKS Closed Today 3/21/18 2) Alexander the Great Quiz

    1) NKS Closed Today 3/21/18 2) Alexander the Great Quiz

    The NKS School will be closed today because of weather. Let's hope this is the last storm for the year. You have the exercise routine I gave you last week stored somewhere in your computer so get it out and get it done. If you can't find it, do something for at least 1/2 hour. Your reading assignment is to study the history of Alexander the Great, 300+- BC and answer the question: why was Alexander so successful at moving his army thousands of miles and keeping them healthy and ready for battle? Also, how does this relate to our martial arts and life in general. Parents, discuss this with the kids. See you soon, Dennis Nackord ....

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