Helped me be successful in my martial arts training as well as in my professional life

As a student of the martial arts I want to first mention that I have had several instructors over the years. When I joined the Nackord Karate System on July 1, 1987 it was the first time an instructor took the time NOT to brag about what he or his school could do. Mr. Nackord wanted to know what I had done, where as well as why I had trained and for how long. After I had joined the school Mr. Nackord was constantly prompting me to not only think about what the system offered but to also set goals, get focused on what I needed for my next level, and be flexible not only physically but mentally and emotionally. He also insisted that I should be involved with teaching which as it turned out made me a better student of the martial arts. These same training aspects have over time rolled over into my career, which in turn has helped me to be successful in my professional life--I am always a student learning new ideas and trying different things to be better at serving my clients and their needs.

John Bahn
Black Belt

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