Proud to be a student

I am proud to be a student at Nackord Karate. At the age of 52, when I mustered the courage to move from the state of only watching my son participate in the classes to becoming a student, I never envisioned that at 56, I would be able to perform the Kenpo art as I do today. Although I am still every bit of a novice, and notwithstanding the limits of my body, I can now demonstrate the fundamentals of kicking, punching, footwork, self defense techniques and other facets of the Kenpo art deemed important to self development. Without any prior experience, I walked onto the floor and submitted myself to the expertise of the instructors, and it is the quality of these instructors that has sustained me through the 4 years.

The overarching reason for staying with the program has been the respect the instructors have for the student. The instructors have an incredible capacity to approach a beginner who wears the white belt, with the same attitude, tone, and expectation as with a Black Belt. I will never forget my first week when an instructor was teaching a front kick, and his personal critique of my kick was provided to me precisely in the same tone that he used when critiquing the Black Belt at the other end of the line. The consistent characteristic of each of the teachers is their relentless mission to make sure that every important detail of the strike, or block, or stance is done correctly. Their commitment to making sure that the student performs well is accompanied by a unwavering amount of patience. Without these attributes, I would probably be back on a treadmill or plodding around Wilson Park.

Mr. Nackord has established a culture that centers around a mutual respect between teacher and student. I see it in the respect that his teachers have for him, and I see it in the respect that the teachers show the youngest to the oldest students. As a student, if you show up for class with the commitment to work hard, listen, and just try what the teacher is suggesting, you cannot help to improve and progress through the program.

Thank you.

Hugh Caplan

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