I have long wanted to express my gratitude

Mr Nackord, I have long wanted to express my gratitude to you and Jon Vancleve for what Nackord Karate has done for me and my family. If your studio were not available at the time of my divorce I am not sure where we might be now, six years later. The situation as in many broken families was not good.

However, I am proud to say that today I have two very happy children who as you know participate in Karate 3 to 4 times per week along with me. We train each week at the same time--Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. My daughter is in the junior program and my son has graduated to the adult program and there are convenient classes when we can all train in the same time slot. This has allowed us to get in tremendous shape and have a martial art that bonds us together in everything we do.

Through your school, my children have also been involved with tremendous role models. They have made many great and lasting friendships that have even continued outside the Karate studio walls. This is really much like extended family to us now.

One more thing regarding other sports: karate has developed their hand-eye coordination so much so that my children, while not tremendously athletic, have excelled in football, softball, baseball, and wrestling.

Most of all, though, Nackord Karate has helped to developed my children into polite, confident, and well-disciplined young people. I hear it from other adults and teachers on a regular basis. When asked what set of parenting skills I used to get these results, I always say the same thing. "Just sign them up at Nackord Karate."

Mike Lorine

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