Studied under top instructors on both coasts…no better place to learn than at the Nackord studio.

I have been involved with American Kenpo for 11 years and have had the good fortune of studying under top instructors on both coasts. I've seen different Kenpo studios, each with their own area of focus, specialty, or intensity.

Nackord Karate is a blend of some of the best elements that karate schools have to offer: competent instructors, a welcoming atmosphere, the right level of intensity, and (for me) a substantial number of adult students of all levels with whom to work.

Just want to get in shape? Sure, you can jog around a track and get in shape.or you can join Nackord Karate and acquire something meaningful and useful while getting in shape. The brilliant Kenpo system is adaptable to anybody and beginners will learn practical techniques in their first few months. It's never too late to start!

For practical application of the martial arts, fighting (sparring) is extremely helpful. Through Mr. Nackord's Motion Science, the principles of sparring and the invaluable skills gained from it are something you carry with you on the street and beyond. There's simply no better place to learn it than in the Nackord studio.

3rd Brown

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