The best life decision I could have made (and paying off ever since)

Deciding how to get started in martial arts was the tough decision for me. I had always been interested in learning martial arts but I just wasn't sure how to choose a school and get started. But one day I decided to walk into Nackord Kenpo Karate and learn about their programs--today was the day to try karate.

That was the best life decision I could have made and it has been paying off ever since. I was very impressed with the way Nackord Kenpo Karate provides professional and supportive attention and coaching to students, especially new students. This personal attention makes it easy to get started and gives you immediate confidence in your program and instructors. Martial arts at Nackord Kenpo Karate not only teaches you the physical moves and principles but allows you time to be introspective and learn more about your mind, motivations, and goals.

If you have always wanted to learn martial arts, or are bored with your workouts or weights, come to Nackord Kenpo Karate and get started!

Donald A. Wildauer

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