Strength has many forms

“At the core of ancient Chinese martial arts was the idea of a disciplined mind in a trained and healthy body living in self-respecting alignment with the environment.”

A Balanced System

With increasing dependence on technology contributing to our distancing from nature, each other, and ourselves is this balance still feasible today? What if there was an instructor with the knowledge and experience to show the way?  What if there was a community of people who could motivate and support this lifestyle goal?  Would this interest you?

Over the last four decades the Nackord Karate System has lead thousands of people to discover many forms of strength in their psyche as well as their body with a system of teaching based on ancient martial arts ideas.  

The effectiveness of the system lies in using logical, simple and incremental steps with well defined goals, and having skilled and knowledgeable instructors. A shared sense of purpose and an atmosphere of mutual respect enhance this process.  

Components of our system include the arts of Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu. They are integrated with an organizational structure called Motion Science, and combined with Eastern philosophies promote the benefits of health, harmony, and physical fitness. 

While other martial arts styles, fitness programs, and self-improvement methods have many well known benefits – improved strength, endurance, flexibility, stress reduction, self-
Master Dennis Nackord, 9th Degree Black Belt and Founder of The Nackord Karate System
confidence, etc. - no other activity has all of these benefits in one place. The Nackord System is balanced.  This allows the student to achieve strength in many forms while enjoying one activity.

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo roots are Chinese going back thousands of years. Referred to as ‘the mother art’ because many other arts come from it, Kenpo was cultivated as a support system for physical, mental and spiritual strength.  The goal is not merely physical training, but the education of the individual. Kenpo has passed through several cultures (i.e. China, Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii) before emerging as a way of self-defense, self-discipline, and self-knowledge suited to the streets and board-rooms of modern America.


Kickboxing is a martial sport that builds dynamic endurance and striking power. Nackord teaches real kickboxing skills, but for most students, there is no sparring and the training is safe and exhilarating. The fitness benefits of Nackord Kickboxing are fantastic.


Ju-Jitsu is a martial art that was used by Samurai to control an opponent without striking. The Nackord System teaches these techniques as well as how to escape from them. And although it is rarely appropriate to strike someone, self-protection is still possible with joint locks, restraining holds, and pressure points.

Motion Science

When questions on body alignment, athletic performance, or competitive strategy arise, it is the logic of Motion Science that provides the answer. Developed over the last 40 years by Mr. Nackord, Motion Science allows us to objectively view the student’s progress and make adjustments according to set principles and theories.  Only the Nackord Karate System has this comprehensive tool.

Eastern Philosophies

Underlying the Nackord System are Eastern philosophies called The Way of Three at Nackord. While the purpose of external martial arts systems is the control of one's opponent, these Eastern philosophies come from internal martial arts systems where the purpose is to control one's own health and emotion.

Ancient exercises focus on breathing, stretching the body, strengthening the joints and spine, and calming the mind. Going beyond common Yoga practice, the physical, and mental exercise of The Way of Three balance the six elements of diet, sleep, physical effort, personal habits, emotions and environment to improve ones lifestyle.

What’s next?

Read the Testimonials to see what others have discovered about us. Look at the vast amount of information under “Knowledge”. Find out more about our school under “School”. Then, give us an opportunity to show you that Strength has many forms, only at the Nackord Karate System.


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P.S. And, my program is equally effective for children. Click here to go to the children's programs page and learn why this is without a doubt the best activity for your child.

P.P.S. Also, consider our corporate training program.

Corporate Training Program

An integrated curriculum to enrich one’s life

The United States is a highly competitive industrialized society. It is one of the most technically advanced nations in the world. In spite of this, many citizens face chronic stress affecting both their physical and emotional well being. The question then becomes is it enough to just cope with this stress, or is there a way to navigate through it and to thrive?

You may be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He arranged it as a pyramid to describe his theory of human motivation with the most basic physiological needs at the bottom, then ascending through belongingness needs, esteem needs and finally the need for self-actualization – the obligation to live up to one’s vocation.

Classical martial arts were cultivated as a support system for this entire hierarchy of human needs. The tradition was one of a complete curriculum to develop the complete person – physically and mentally.

Using skills learned from traditional martial arts wisdom, The Nackord System has emerged as a powerful curriculum for today’s busy professional. The training effectively schools the total person in concepts for wellness, physical fitness, and calming the mind.

In a specially designed employee training course, key martial arts principles and eastern philosophies are taught. Participants learn centuries old wellness routines proven to fortify the body, fundamental martial arts techniques to build character and self-defense, and eastern meditative and breathing skills to develop inner calmness.

The idea of a calm mind in a strong and healthy body has always been at the very core of martial arts training. While the separate benefits of fitness programs, self-improvement methods and stress management are well known, only the Nackord System combines all of these benefits in one synergistic program. Find out how this training can benefit you and your employees to become more effective in all levels of the workplace.

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