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Gold Star Challenge

The Gold Star Challenge is a new program that challenges young students to go above and beyond simple good manners and proper behavior and to go out of their way to practice specific acts of respect and self-control, learning, and physical fitness.

The program is based on a checklist of great examples of physical and mental growth. Some of the things they are challenged to do are: make a meal for their parents; do what they are told the first time; be prepared for school; try to go one whole day without video games or TV; and be encouraging and kind to their siblings and other kids.

Every time a student completes a challenge he or she checks it as done. This teaches the power and pride of making and completing a goals list, which is a highly recommended success tool as taught by the country's top business coaches. When the list is complete, the student earns a special Gold Star Challenge patch to place on his or her uniform as a reward for doing more than is expected.

"Martial arts lessons are very popular for young people," says Jon VanCleve, a career martial arts instructor and the NKKS's representative for the Gold Star Challenge. " Many parents put their kids in a karate program for character development more than for any other reason. Our school is like a learning center that addresses all areas of personal development, like dealing with bullying and peer pressure, physical fitness, stress and anger management, and the values of respect and courtesy." Jon also visits local elementary and high schools to teach seminars on the values of self-discipline and respect.

It was the goal of the school to develop a clear and focused system that the kids could use to track their progress as they try to do extraordinary things like saying "Please" and listening to their parents instead of giving them attitude. So, what you get is not just a child who does karate two days a week, but a Black Belt at heart who is respectful, self-disciplined, and confident, which is what being a black belt is all about.

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